When Should I See a Kidney Specialist?

Healthcare can seem overwhelming, especially when you are faced with choosing a doctor? Do you see your general practitioner? Do you need a specialist? Which specialist do you choose?

The first step in figuring this out is zeroing in on your specific issue. 

If you’ve been having a kidney issue, you’ve probably heard of a nephrologist. While the name may sound complicated, in simple terms: A nephrologist is a medical doctor that specializes in kidneys. It is wise to consult a nephrologist any time you think you might have a condition that involves your kidneys. A few of these conditions might be kidney disease, glomerular conditions, tubular defects, kidney vascular conditions, tubulointerstitial kidney disease, kidney infections, kidney neoplasms, structural or functional abnormalities of the bladder, kidney or urine collection system, vasculitis, high blood pressure and metabolic disorders like diabetes. 

Making an appointment with your nephrologist may even save you time. Because of all the training they’ve had, nephrologists are able to do a lot of the testing and diagnosing, that you may have thought your general practitioner would do. While there is an extremely long list of treatments your nephrologist might do, most often, it begins with blood and urine tests. Nephrologists can use blood and urine testing to diagnose and monitor many kidney conditions because the main function of your kidneys is to filter excess fluid and waste from blood and urine. 

A nephrologist can obtain a lot of information from urine testing, such as a urinalysis. A urinalysis is a test that checks urine for any abnormalities, like abnormal levels of protein, sugar, blood, bacteria, or pus. Your nephrologist can also do a simple blood test to check the body’s creatine production. While it might not seem like a very informative test, creatinine can show any damage done to your muscles. A blood test that shows high levels of creatinine can be a sign of progressive kidney disease and being aware of kidney disease can be vital to your future kidney-health. 

The health of your kidneys is extremely important to the wellbeing of the rest of your body. Seeing a healthcare provider that is specifically trained in this area might be the wisest healthcare decision you can make. Reach out to your nephrologist, get familiar with your kidneys and how they function. It’s time to learn how to take better care of those kidneys that have always been taking care of you. 

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