What is Personalized Medicine?

You may have heard the term “personalized medicine” before. Does it bring to mind that old-timey doctor that does house calls? The one with spectacles and a worn-leather doctor’s bag? That image is not quite what modern personized medicine is all about.

Personalized medicine involves collecting and researching a person’s genetic, clinical, genomic and environmental information. Having this collection of information gives that patient a stronger chance of a positive medical outcome because it is based specifically on that person’s unique makeup. 

Personalized medicine has found a strong-footing in healthcare simply because not everyone responds to medical treatment the same way. A twelve-year-old girl will likely receive the same treatment as her grandfather if they were both suffering from the same ailment. There are significant differences between the two patients, yet the treatment is typically the same. This is because even the best medical professionals don’t fully understand how different people will develop diseases, and also how they will respond to the typical treatments for those diseases. 

This cookie-cutter approach to medicine has largely been based on the “average” population. Unfortunately, that approach does not take into consideration a person’s genetic makeup, which is an incredibly important factor in creating a healthcare plan.

The use of personalized medicine provides a precision-based approach to patient care. The growing understanding, and use of, genetic and genomic information, is allowing doctors to better predict a patient’s response to treatment and medication. It is also helping make great strides in disease prevention and accurate diagnosis. 

The ability to tailor care to an individual patient, and their specific genetic makeup, is the basis of personalized medicine.  This practice is helping to break barriers that, in the past, have limited traditional medicine. Healthcare providers can now shift the focus from reactive care to preventative care. With new advantages in disease susceptibility and detection, they can offer customized medication and prevention strategies. 

Personalized medicine may help you reduce the time and cost of treating your particular medical concerns. Speak to a healthcare professional about how personalized medicine might help you live a healthier, longer life. 

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